Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone

How often do we hold back from really challenging ourselves in a workout and wonder why we’re not seeing the results we want? I'm guilty. It's too easy to stay in our comfort zone. Growth and change is outside of that zone. Each time you give just 1% more, you'll be better and stronger before you know it. THE PHYSICAL SIDE Your last 3-4 reps should be challenging. So if you're not feeling that, it's time to increase the intensity. Do more reps, lift heavier or move slower or

How Long Until I See Results?

One month can feels like years, am I right? My clients are taught to aim for a HEALTHY weight loss or weight gain. Given that, instantaneous results are not a realistic expectation. BE CONSISTENT If you consistently stick to a program for 6-8 weeks, you will yield results. The key word is consistently. What does that mean? If I stay under my caloric ceiling, eat enough protein and workout during the weekdays, but indulge on all the foods I've deprived myself on weekends, that