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7 lbs and 5% body fat down

"Training with Teresa has been life changing. Not everyone likes to work out..I'm one of those people. I would rather sit at home on my couch than go to the gym. But ever since I've started training with Teresa I've come to enjoy working out and being active. She makes it fun and always there to provide guidance and help you to achieve your goals. She has also given me a lot of tools to be able to do these workouts on my own without fear of hurting myself due to improper form. For someone who travels often, it is nice to now I can go to the gym and put together a workout from what I've learned. With Teresa's help, at 35 I'm in the best shape of my life and feeling good doing it!"

Amber Iannazzo - Netflix Media Organizer

28 pounds and 9% body fat down

"I am lucky to have met Teresa in the summer of 2017. I decided to get a personal trainer to finally help me develop a long eating exercise routine that will help me not just loose weight, but also build muscle and become healthier overall. I have suffered consistent weight fluctuations due to bad eating habits and using wrong weight-loss methods. It not only affected me physically but emotionally. Teresa's plans not only focus on effective workout methods, but eating habits and lifestyle changes that will benefit the rest of your life! Words can't beat numbers. The first 5 months training wit Teresa, I lost a total of 28 lbs, dropped 9% body fat, and shrunk 28.25 inches in total on all body areas combined. I can not imagine ever achieving this kind of progress without Teresa. I have now been training with Teresa for over a year and I am still loving every session. I wasn't a believer of personal training, but now I am a convert."

Nancy Lewis - Accountant 

10 lbs and 5% body at down

"I can honestly say that working with Teresa changed my life. I thought I knew a lot about nutriton and fitness after being an athlete my whole life, but she taught me what it looks like to live a healthy LIFESTYLE and not just train for a sport. She created effective workouts that catered to what I like and had answers to all my nutrition questions. Teresa is REAL. She understands how difficult making healthy choices can be and is there with constant support and motivation in whatever way is helpful to you. I didn't believe I was capable of changing my body composition, but now I know whats possible if I'm willing to put in the work, and its all thanks to T."

Christina Kosters - Artist 

Testimonials: Testimonial
30lbs down

"When Teresa started trining me, I was at the point in my life where I just didn't care anymore. I would spend 45 minutes on the elliptical almost every day, with no results. Teresa was able to motivate me with different workouts and directed me with healthier eating tips. The results are amazing! Thank you, Teresa."

Diane Conrad - Retired Teacher

60 lbs down

"Teresa is not only an amazing trainer, but an amazing friend and cheerleader. With Teresa's guidance and expertise, I lost over 60 pounds. Not only did she help me inside the gym, but she helped me with my nutrition too. After having met and trained with Teresa, I now have the tools to live a healthy life."

Megan Hall

12lbs and 6% body fat down

"Adulting in my experience was to become busy, busy, busy. My food choices were what was quick and convenient. However, I'd put on more weight than what I could burn off. I lacked in nutrition and fitness...Starting my healthy fitness journey, Teresa provided me with the guidance and workout plan I needed to loose the body fat and begin toning. The results soon began to show on my physical appearance. I had an abundance of energy. I felt healthier than ever!! It was all thanks to my training sessions with Teresa! Staying committed to our sessions and her training plan, which by the way never failed to wear me out! That gave me back the confidence and healthy lifestyle I needed. There is no other person that I highly recommend. Her work plans are well thought out and will provide the outcome you wish for!!! Thank you, Teresa!"

Stacey Morales

Testimonials: Testimonial
happy and confident

"I have been training with Teresa for the last six months and can honestly say that I am the strongest I've ever been. My energy level and commitment to exercise have notably increased, and I've discovered that I really love weightlifting!! The process was never too painful or excruciating - Teresa's workouts were always challenging, but appropriate for my level of fitness. Slowly I got stronger as she incorporate more whole body movements and intense weightlifting moves with the bar and kettlebells - all the things that made me push my limits and basically feel like a badass. 

My eating habits ave improved and become consistently healthier with Teresa's coaching. I am still a work in progress, but I appreciate that she as been so open with her own struggles with healthy eating - it makes me feel like I don't have to be perfect in my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. 

The biggest change has been my overall attitude towards my body. Teresa's focus on building strength has inadvertently helped me enjoy the way my body moves more than worrying about how my thighs look in a bathing suit. I found an acceptance of my body that I never had before. I even started playing beach volleyball after 20+ years because I was inspired by her enthusiasm over playing flag football and softball for fun. Above all, I have recommended Teresa to other friends because she is a lovely person to know and be inspired by!"

Susan Tashiro

Testimonials: Testimonial
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