Exercises You Can do Without Leaving the Office

I have so many clients who work at a desk all day. God bless you. I would go crazy. But while you're there, try doing some of these exercises so we can speed up the result process. Every little bit helps. Sitting down all day is no bueno, so pick 2 of these exercises to do every day, every hour at work. 1. Desk Push-Ups People will wonder what you're doing. They will judge. But it's 2019, F 'em and tell them to do it with you. For the desk push-up, put your hands on the edge

Should I Sleep or Go Workout?

So you have a choice. Set your alarm 1.5 hours earlier to go lift, or get that 1.5 hours of zzz's. . Which do you choose? Tough choice. Sleep is essential for a healthy immune system and injury-prevention, but exercise can contribute to better, sounder sleep. Both go and in hand. “When you look at the research, regular physical activity is important for high-quality sleep, and high-quality sleep is important for physical performance,” says Cheri Mah, a sleep medicine research