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Exercises You Can do Without Leaving the Office

I have so many clients who work at a desk all day. God bless you. I would go crazy. But while you're there, try doing some of these exercises so we can speed up the result process. Every little bit helps. Sitting down all day is no bueno, so pick 2 of these exercises to do every day, every hour at work.

1. Desk Push-Ups

People will wonder what you're doing. They will judge. But it's 2019, F 'em and tell them to do it with you. For the desk push-up, put your hands on the edge of your desk and walk your feet backwards until your body is straight and at a 45-degree angle. See if you can do a dozen push-ups against your desk. Or drop to the ground and give me 20 regular push-ups.

2. Book Tricep Extension

We all want to avoid batwings right? Grab the heaviest book or binder near you. Hold it in both hands overhead with straight arms. Keep your arms tight next to your ears, bend your arms backwards and take the book behind your neck, then extend overhead. Repeat 15 times.

3. Shoulder Blade Squeezes

These are great for improving your posture. Simply imagine you’re trying to squeeze something between your shoulder blades. Make sure you keep your shoulders from shrugging up. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold for 10 seconds. I vote you do this every day. And you won't look too weird.

4. Chair Squats

Ya'll already know how to do squats. Use a chair or go crazy and do it without the chair. Do 15 of these every hour and feel the burn in your booty and thighs. Stand up straight and then lower yourself down towards your chair, stopping when you feel your butt tap the chair’s edge. Straighten to standing, and repeat. Drive through your heels and squeeze your butt at the top. If you don't squeeze it, no one else will.

5. Chair dips

What do ya know! More triceps! Stand with your back to your chair and hold the edge with both hands. Start with arms and legs straight, bend your elbows and lower, and then straighten again. Keep your back close to the chair the entire time. Bend your legs if you need more support on the way up.

6. Wall Sit

My least favorite to be honest, but if it makes you look like this guy in the picture, let's do it! LOL Stand against one of your office walls. Lower down until your knees are at a 90-degree angle with your back against the wall for support. Try not to arch your back too much! Hold this position for 30 seconds, and then stand once more. Don't be a cheater, keep your arms straight in front of you. Repeat 3 times.

7. Calf Raises

Stand literally anywhere in the office. Hold on to a counter or desk for support. Start with your feet together, raise onto your tiptoes and hold for 10 seconds. Lower and repeat 4 times. You can do this while you wait for your lunch to finish warming in the microwave.

8. Leg Raises

Bust out 10 of these whenever someone says good morning to you. You get to stay seated for this one! Sitting on your chair, raise and straighten your legs at the same time. If thats too challenging, do one leg at a time. Raise it to a 90-degree angle and then lower – but don’t touch the floor before raising your legs back up.

9. Pacing

If you use a headset when you’re on the phone at work, stand up every time you’re on a call. While talking, walk around your office (or perhaps just your own desk space if you share an office with others). And if you don’t use a head set, get one!

Hope these will help you get moving!

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