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10 People You Shouldn't Trust

Had a little fun with this post...

We all have our preferences on how we eat our food, but there are a few red flags to look out for. Here are 10 kinds of people that cannot be trusted:

1. People who cut their burgers in half. If the burger is too big for your mouth, you don't deserve to eat it. Period. Also cutting the burger in half lets all the juices out. If you're eating a really well-made burger, you shouldn't need to cut it in half. Attack it from the side because the bun edges should be crispy and you still should get some meat and lettuce in each bite.

2. People who don't eat the pizza crust - or who scrape the toppings off and don't eat the bread at, just go home already. Why did you order a pizza in the first place? Go to the store and buy your toppings, cheese and marinara. The bread is the most delicious part. If you don't like the bread, then you don't like goodness and you are evil. I will pray for you.

3. People who pour their milk before their cereal. Does this even make sense? Nope. The proportion of milk to cereal will be all off. At that point, its just plain anarchy. I do not trust you.

4. People who bite into string cheese. It's called string cheese for a reason guys. Get it right. Impatient. SMH

5. People who cut a donut with a knife. You're not a true American. This is bad donut etiquette. Who only eats a half a donut? You know you're probably just gonna eat the rest of it within the hour. Sharing with someone is not an excuse. I have never seen a donut worth sharing. LOL

6. People who eat the inside of an Oreo first. You probably like hurting small animals and are most likely racist.

7. People who put ketchup on their popcorn - yes this happens. I witnessed this as a child and have be scarred ever since. Ketchup is meant for fries, burgers or hot dogs. Side note: combine peanut M&Ms with popcorn. You're welcome.

8. People who enjoy chocolate covered oranges. Whoever invented this should be shot. What a waste of chocolate. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries...but citrus and chocolate is a no!

9. People who eat day old fries. God bless your taste buds. Enjoy your stale fries while I judge you. Next time, finish it all at once.

10. People who bite their ice cream cone. If you had to trust someone with a secret, would you ask someone who licks ice cream or someone who digs their bottom teeth into freezing cold ice cream? I rest my case.

Beware of these people. They can not be trusted.

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