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Does Calorie Counting Work?

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Let’s get right into it and give some real world examples..

Pam, has lost 15 lbs in the last 4 months. We started training in person and switched to online during the Covid-19 pandemic. Incredibly smart and kind woman. Driven and hard working.


Counting calories.

Jacquleyn, who is stationed in South Korea on a naval base, recently picked up training with me online. She is down 10 lbs in 3 months! Kicks butt in the gym. Super strong, sweet woman. Also secretly hilarious.


Counting calories.

Angie, a local LA entrepreneur has really kicked things into gear this last month. She is down 7 lbs and 2% body fat.


Counting calories.

All of these ladies kept track of their protein and stayed under their caloric ceiling. They stuck to the plan we agreed on. That’s pretty much the key to loosing body fat. Along with resistance training. Despite busy lives, Covid-19 pandemic, life in general… they did the damn thing.

So I know everyone has their opinion on what works best, and that’s great. You do what works best for you!

Do you have to count calories? NO. You do not NEED to count calories.

Bri, a local actress and writer. Amazing human being with a strong and beautiful heart. We’ve been working together for almost 2 years now. She is down 15 lbs!

Amber, a Netflix media manager and now mom of a beautiful baby girl does not track calories. She has lost 10 lbs!

Diane, my momma, as lost 30+ pounds over the last 5 years and has kept it off.

All of these ladies stuck to a routine we mapped out to guide them in staying under a calorie ceiling.

So is calorie counting necessary to burn fat?

No. You can burn fat without counting calories.

But does calorie counting work?

Yes. Yes, It does.

In the end, calories in < calories out. Eat enough protein. Go lift. Go stretch. Maybe do a little cardio so you can take care of your heart - ugh I know cardio lol

If you’re hitting a plateau, check your daily energy output. How much are you burning a day? How active are you? Have you decreased your activity? Have you increased your energy intake? Make an honest evaluation.

If you’re gaining weight or hitting a plateau, the energy balance is off. Simple as that.

Does counting calories mean you have to count every day? No. But if you can’t seem to figure it out why you’re gaining weight or hitting a plateau, check how much you’re ingesting. That’s a good start. Track your day. Usually it’s just a matter of being off on how many calories you’re taking in.

For further guidance, take my application for online and LA in person training. Yes, we are covid free over here.

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