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How to Make Health a Priority

We have so many resources to help us reach our goals. Every day is a new day and new possibility. You can make a change whenever you want. The sooner you get started on working toward your goals, the better able you are to create healthy habits.

Here is how to make healthy a priority:

1. Make a nutrition plan

Plan out and prep your meals and snacks. Most of my clients complain about work giving them unhealthy food. So now its time to prep your own food. This does take some planning. Once you get a list of healthy meals and options together, it's not that bad.

2. Make a workout plan

You know life gets crazy. Schedule the specific times and days that you will workout every Sunday. Make it a point to put it in your calendar. Set alarms.

3. Get clear on your why

Keep reminders of your reason why front and center. Knowing your reason why is an important way to stay on top of your goals. We all hit plateaus, so what will motivate you to get back on track when you fall off? Make sure the choices you make are in line with your goals. If they are not, be honest with yourself.

4. Break it down

Make it a point to break down your hardest goals into smaller, simpler tasks. That way, you’re able to build momentum as you cross each one off your To Do List. Your bigger goal can seem overwhelming at first, but once you break it down step by step, it will make life a lot easier. Rewarding yourself when you complete tasks will also be a huge help. Make sure these rewards contribute to your health in a positive way.

5. Make fitness fun

Take up a hobby that involves physical activity and do it with some friends. You can learn to dance, play football, hike, etc. Something that doesn't involve sitting in front of a TV eating or drinking. Whatever you do, get your heart pumping and body in motion. Soon enough you'll crave working out.

6. Join a fitness challenge

Make the stakes higher. Join a facebook group full of people with similar goals or create a challenge with your co-workers. Either way, get other people involved and invest in the program. What's the worst that can happen? If you fall short of your goals, you'll lose $20. If you hit your goals, you're a winner and you have a better chance of potentially winning the cash pot! Only thing is, be careful you don't fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others.


There are obviously more options to get yourself to prioritize your health. Use this list to get you started on making this year the start of a Finding your Fitness Lifestyle. You’re capable of achieving anything you set your mind.

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