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What's Keeping You From Feeling Confident In Your Skin

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Can we all agree that we are our own worst critics? This definitely contributes to why it's so hard for us to be happy and confident with our results. And I think one of the main issues that people have is comparing themselves to how they used to look 10 -15 years ago. This might be a hard pill to swallow, but you will never look the same as when you were 19 years old.

First off, I'd like to thank Leah and Amanda for inspiring me to write this post. Two mommas who are balancing their work, health and mom life. #fitmommas

When was the last time you felt comfortable in your skin?

High School? College?

Most of my clients compare themselves to their early college days or before. And that's the problem. So now we're around 30 years old trying to get back to our 19 year old figure. As a woman, we change so much during this time. Some of use have children, we deal with a ton of hormones, we are becoming women. You were a girl at 19, things have changed.

Constantly comparing yourself to your 19 year old figure will set you up for failure.

So how do we feel comfortable in our skin again?

4 Tips to Feel Comfotable In Your Own Skin

1. Get that 19 year old figure out of your head. Easier said than done, I know.

2. Set strength goals. Go for increasing your dead lift and hip thrust. Setting strength goals will lead you to results. Just be patient.

3. Find something active that you enjoy. For example, I love sports so I will go play flag football or softball. Keeps me active and I love it. I get to challenge myself on the field and that's how I grow and improve.

4. Focus on your mindset. I'm sure you hear it all the time. Start the day off with gratitude and end it with gratitude. Personally, I suck at this. I listen to a spiritual podcast every morning which helps a ton, but being grateful for what my body is able to do is something I need to be more conscious of. Some people can't even walk without pain. There are so many things our body does that we take for granted. Celebrate the little wins. Focus on the positives.

Bonus: Stop comparing yourself to instagram models or celebrities. More than likely they have edited their photos or gotten work done. YOU WILL NEVER LOOK LIKE JLO. You're unique in your own body. Own it.

If you need guidance on setting goals and finally finding a fitness lifestyle. Contact me. Not in LA? Apply for online training. Click here!

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