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7 Tips for a Healthy Fall

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Now is the time when everyone will start getting sick...Welcome to fall. Shorter days, colder nights, windy, but at least there's Halloween and Thanksgiving. Can you tell I prefer summer?

Here are 7 tips to avoid the seasonal sickness:

1. Get your vitamin D. I'm convinced the main reason people get sick is because they are getting less vitamin D during fall and winter. Spending time outdoors will increase your vitamin D levels, make you happier and improve your concentration. So sign out of Netflix and get some sun. Or take a vitamin D supplement.

2. Continue working out. It might be colder and darker, but that's no excuse to be a lazy bum. Grab a flashlight. Put a few extra layers on.

3. Don't buy halloween candy until the night before. You know that bag of candy you get on the 1st will be gone by the 31st, don't lie. And don't buy candy corn. The world doesn't need any more evil.

4. Sub out some chips for vegetables. I know it's football season, but it's also the season for Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and kale.... mmmm! :D

5. Integrate fitness everywhere. Park further from the store entrance. Take the stairs. Get that extra calorie burn whenever you can.

6. Carry hand sanitizer everywhere. Just do it. #nike

7. Find your motivation. Everyone is motivated by different things. Sports, racing, competitions, etc. Choose something you can keep up with, whether its hiking, a bootcamp class, or a personal trainer.

On that note, if you're in LA contact me for personal training. Not in LA? Apply for my online training. Click here!

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