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Health and Heartbreak

How heartbreak affects your health.

So you fell in love. But things didn’t end up the way you expected .. now your confidence has been rocked .. How could he not love me? Am I not good enough? What did I do wrong?

I asked few girls how heart break affected their health:

“When I’m angry I eat. Because I can get hugged on the inside by food. It’s so much internal stress that the motivation to keep it together is utilized more than on your own. “

-Samar H.

"Heartbreak made me not want to eat. I didn't have an appetite and just didn't want to nourish myself. I also couldn't focus and was very unaccomplished in things I set out to do as well as living my life. I felt lost, hurt, not able to move on. I ended up wanting to workout more to suppress any feelings and to get my anger out."

-Rosi K.

"The shocking things about heartbreak is discovering it has physical repercussions. I couldn't eat, didn't want to get out of bed and felt an ache in my chest. As time passed and I was able to build a new routine, exercising and eating clean became a stable foundation."

-Bri E.

Step 1: Cry it out

Is there anything that won't you of him?? Nope. LOL Embrace the tears. Feel all the feels. You still want him back, I get it. Soon enough you’ll get tired of crying. Eventually you’ll cry maybe once a week. #Progress. Share your feelings with people who support you.

When will it stop hurting? Is there any way to forget everything? Unfortunately, no. The memories will never go away, but the pain will. Everything will remind you of him. Songs, movies, restaurants, Spider-Man. - yes, I started crying when I saw a kid in a Spider-Man outfit. Lmao - Give yourself time. Have faith.

I’m sure you’re wondering if he feels the same way. Does he miss me? Has he moved on already? So then you become obsessed. You check his Instagram story to see what he’s doing. Then you check if he has checked yours. And it becomes a vicious cycle until you become strong enough to block him - remember when there was no instagram or Facebook and this wasn’t an issue - Block him for your own good. Don’t feed the pain. It doesn’t matter what he feels anymore. Accept you are done with that part of your life. Let it go. If you love him, let him go. And don’t slip on this one. Prove to yourself how strong you are. REFRAIN FROM CONTACT.

About 3 weeks in is when you’ll start getting fed up. Turn on some Tupac (or one of these intense rap songs that you can't understand what they're saying) and feel your strength coming back. Welcome back the real you. #thuglife

Step 2: Get your confidence back

Be kind to yourself. Remind yourself of your good qualities and if you can’t, ask your friends and family to. Make a list of your 10 best qualities. Write a letter from yourself telling you how worthy you are. As cheesy as it sounds, writing a letter to yourself helps!

Get some rest. Feed your body well. Keep up with your exercise. It’s too easy to slip into depression, anxiety and withdrawal. It’s okay to lean on someone until you get back on your feet. And you will be back on your feet.

Enjoy the things you love, by yourself. It might be tough at first, but get out there and take yourself on a date. It’s time to heal. Get all dolled up for YOU. Learn about what you love to do.

Keep yourself busy. Sign up for a course online. Take a dance class. Get a new hobby. Go to a self development seminar. Listen to educational podcasts.

Remember you are not alone.

Step 3: Invest in YOU

How do you feel physically? Lord knows emotionally we are wrecked. Can you look in the mirror and say “I love myself”?

So here’s when we start our revenge body. As much as we want to do it for ourselves, you all know deep down inside you want to make him jealous. Show him what he’s missing out on. Make a plan and stick to it. Become the best version of yourself. Grind and grow mentally, physically and emotionally.

There’s someone out there that will want to be on your team. A relationship is like teamwork right?! Become the best player you can be, but heal yourself first. Enjoy being single for a while. Truly get to know yourself. Ask yourself what you need to improve on. It's time to take responsibility for allowing him to treat you the way he did. For some of us we chose to ignore the red flags - who would've thought that giving the benefit of the doubt to the person you love could bite you in the butt - How many excuses in you make for him? Learn from all this. Forgive yourself.

Heartbreak can be a source of inspiration and motivation. Think of all the artists who poured their hearts into songs and became millionaires in the process. Channel all that energy into something productive. It’s your time to grow.

If you find yourself neglecting your workouts and turning to the fridge for answers, schedule out 3 days of the week you need to commit to working out. Schedule it and make sure there is no option for canceling. Don’t you hate when people cancel on you last minute?? Don’t cancel on yourself. Keep up on feeding your body well. Usually we turn to food or completely starve ourselves. Neither will solve your problem. You deserve to be fed nutritious foods.


Heartbreak is a very powerful emotion. It’s impossible to ignore. But time does heal. There’s no point of getting caught up on one person when you have plenty of others who will love you without a second thought. Have faith. Quit wasting your time on indecisive people. Quit wasting your time on people who don't value you. He's honestly just not that into you, and that's okay. God has your back.

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