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Fat Loss Strategies

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Fat loss may seem challenging, but finding a fat loss strategy that works best for you will make life a lot easier.

Creat a Sustainable Caloric DeficitThe only way to lose fat is to consistently maintain a net caloric deficit. Eat less calories than your body needs to maintain its current weight. Plain and simple.

They might say Paleo is the way we were designed to eat. Or maybe they'll tell you Atkins, Nutrisystem, or a Juice Cleanse is the key to extreme fat burning. WRONG!

Given that, there are different strategies to help you maintain a sustainable caloric deficit.

Option 1: Jump all in

Essentially, jump straight in to a net caloric deficit and stay there (a long time) until you reach your goals. This includes a mix of high calorie and low calories days that will put you at a caloric deficit at the end of the week. This would be a good place to consult with a trusted coach because everyone's needs are different.

In general, high calorie days: 11-12 x body weight = caloric intake. Low calorie days: 9-10 x body weight = caloric intake. Give yourself some wiggle room - you don't have to hit your calories right on the dot. Pick 3 days for high calorie (usually training days), 4 for low calorie. Of course, individual adjustments might need to be made based on daily expenditure, age, etc.

Make is do-able. Keep 2-3 days high calorie so your body doesn't go crazy.

Option 2: Chip Away

The Chip Away approach calls for brief periods of time (2-4 weeks) in a significant deficit followed by brief periods of time (2-4 weeks) in a maintenance phase. Small and consistent successes will motivate you to keep moving forward and never give up.

In the short-term, the Chip Away strategy might take you longer to achieve her goals but in the long-term you'll be far more likely to maintain your progress for the rest of your life.

So which one to try?

Both work, so pick one and stick to it for a minimum of 8 weeks!

Keep in mind: The speed at which you lose fat is overrated!

Instead of focusing on how quickly you want to lose fat, focus on how long you want to maintain your fat loss once you get the body you want. Because, if you can't maintain it...what's the point?

Other key points:

1. Eat enough protein: most satiating, builds and maintains muscle, has the highest thermic effect. 0.7 (minimum) - 1.5 (maximum) x body weight = grams of protein intake.

2. Strength train 2-4 times a week. Big, compound movements (like squats, deadlifts, and presses) that recruit a ton of muscle, burn the most calories, and give you the most bang for your buck.

3. Cardio: caloric deficit > cardio, but it doesn't hurt to burn an extra 100 calories. No form of cardio is better or worse than another. They all burn calories, they're all effective, and they can all help you burn fat, but it will NEVER replace caloric surplus.

4. Keep a positive mindset: Work hard, be consistent, and always strive to improve...but don’t let life pass you by because, before you know it, you’re going be old, wrinkly, and wishing you spent more time laughing and less time being so damn serious.

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