Macros For Fat Loss

The best way to set your macros to lose fat. Let's start with distinguishing calories and macros. Calories are a unit of measurement. It doesn't matter if you have 100 calories from a donut or 100 calories from chicken, it's still 100 calories. Calories measure the energy from that food. The difference is the macro nutrients. That is your protein, carbs and fat the make up the food. So, a donut would have more fat and carbs to make up 100 calories vs chicken being comprised o

6 Habits That are Making you Fat

Loosing weight can be challenging! These are the top 6 habits that contribute to a larger waist line: 1. Artificial Sweeteners: Fake sugars do not satisfy your cravings! If you over do it, these sugars can cause even more cravings because your body's sweet cravings are not satisfied . Read your labels because they are snuck in to almost all our foods! Watch out for sucrose, maltodextrin, and aspartame. Keep everything in moderation. 2. Low Fat Labels: Since the "cut down on f

Fat Loss Strategies

Fat loss may seem challenging, but finding a fat loss strategy that works best for you will make life a lot easier. Creat a Sustainable Caloric DeficitThe only way to lose fat is to consistently maintain a net caloric deficit. Eat less calories than your body needs to maintain its current weight. Plain and simple. They might say Paleo is the way we were designed to eat. Or maybe they'll tell you Atkins, Nutrisystem, or a Juice Cleanse is the key to extreme fat burning. WRONG!