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Macros For Fat Loss

The best way to set your macros to lose fat.

Let's start with distinguishing calories and macros. Calories are a unit of measurement. It doesn't matter if you have 100 calories from a donut or 100 calories from chicken, it's still 100 calories. Calories measure the energy from that food. The difference is the macro nutrients. That is your protein, carbs and fat the make up the food. So, a donut would have more fat and carbs to make up 100 calories vs chicken being comprised of more protein. But 100 calories is still 100 calories. The nutrient composition is different.

When you're tracking calories, you're tracking one number. When you're tracking macros you're tracking 3 numbers. The only way to lose fat is staying in a caloric deficit. Protein will help build and/or maintain muscle mass. I have my clients focus on calories and protein. When losing fat you want to keep your muscle mass as high as possible. Protein will help to keep your metabolism high, your strength up and your stomach full. Keeping track of calories and protein is the basis of what you need. If you want to get more specific, you can track your carbs and fats as well. Either way, we want to stay under our caloric ceiling to lose fat.

Composition of Macros:

protein 4 calories/gram - build and maintain muscle, strength, keeps you full

carbs 4 calories/gram - energy, hormonal regulation

fats 9 calories/ gram - calorically dense

alcohol 7 calories/ gram

It doesn't matter if you're lower carbs or lower fat, a calorie is a calorie and to lose fat you need to be below your ceiling.

There are many diets out there to help you lose weight. The main goal of all of them is to help you stay under your caloric ceiling, whether that's high fat low carb, high protein low fat, high carb low fat, etc.

If you're serious about reaching your fitness goals and need help setting your macros and caloric ceiling, take my application for online training. Looking forward to helping you reach your goals!!

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