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Myth: Keto is the Key to Fat Loss

Sometimes when we hit a plateau, we turn to the latest fad diet to save us. I've done it. We've all tried some kind of diet right? Ketogenic, Vegan, Atkins, Paleo, Slimfast, Nutrisystem, etc.

If you try one of these diets, they will work IF YOU STICK WITH IT. And if you see yourself doing that diet for the rest of your life, then do your thing. Congratulations on finding something that works for you! But thinking that one of these diets is the key to fat loss is misleading.

Keto in particular. If you think about doing keto, think about your lifestyle. Do you love bread? Do you enjoy having a cookie? Do you love fruit? There are a lot of things you're not allowed to eat when on a ketogenic diet. If you see yourself happy going through with that, then go for it, but personally, I love donuts and I enjoy having multiple servings of fruit a day. So I know I wouldn't be happy following a ketogenic diet.

In a ketogenic diet, 60-75% of your calories are fat. No carbs. Ketosis means there is no glucose for fuel. Your body signals the liver to produce ketone bodies from stored fat to be used as fuel. It may help with diseases like epilepsy and could be beneficial for those who exercise moderately because of the minimally processed foods and high amounts of fiber and micronutrients.

A few downsides; Elite endurance athletes on keto may have impaired performance in contrast to training with a carb heavy diet. A ketogenic diet may lead to high LDL cholesterol.

In the end, calories in < calories out. If following a ketogenic diet helps you do that, and you feel good on it, more power to ya. Find your fitness lifestyle.

If you need guidance on setting goals and finally finding a fitness lifestyle. Contact me. Not in LA? Apply for online training. Click here!

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