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Proper Gym Etiquette

We all know going to the gym can be intimidating. Are people looking at me? What are they thinking? Am I doing this right? Is my shirt on backwards?

To keep it simple, here are 3 general tips to follow and then we'll get into specifics:

Have Spacial Awareness

Chill Out

Treat the Gym Like Your Home

Now for the good stuff.

1. If You’re Sick, Stay Home!

There are enough germs in the gym without you coughing and sneezing on everything. Nasty. LOL. In general, the rule of thumb is above the neck sickness is okay to workout with, but be fair to your fellow gym-goers. Wipe your equipment down thoroughly. If you're dripping snot, choose an at home workout. A few days off won't kill you. You have the rest of your life to workout and you'll recover faster. Let your body heal.

2. Shower / Clean your Workout Clothes!

Lord knows walking by someone with really bad BO can literally kill your workout. Am I right? Make sure when you come to the gym that you have showered at least the day before. Don't embarrass yourself by walking into the gym smelling like a cow turd. I think one of the biggest reasons why people smell bad is they either don't shower or they don't wash the clothes they have already worked out in. Whether you know it or not, it stinks. Take a shower, wash your clothes.

If you're not sure if you do this, this rule applies to you. Hygiene people, hygiene.

3. Use a Towel / Wipe Down Equipment

Ever come to a bench and there's a circle of head sweat from the last person. Yea, not fun. We all share the gym, but let's not share our sweat. This is gross.

Any facility should have spray or wipes for you to use. Can't local? Ask the staff.

4. Put Your Equipment Away!

I mean, we were taught this at a young age, right? Put your toys away after you use them. If you take dumbbells off the rack, put them back. Also, if you are using the bar, re-rack the weights. Some people can not squat three 45lb plates. I've seen the bar left on a high rack with three plates on it. Once again, not okay. Some people are not strong enough to take it off, and personally I don't want to clean up after others during my workout. Putting the plates back is common courtesy. Be a good sport. In addition, leaving the weights on doesn't make it clear whether you're finished using the equipment or not.

5. Don’t Block Someone’s View of the Mirror

I know it's tempting to use the gym mirrors for selfies, flexing pics or ab checks, but those are actually meant for people to watch their form! Regardless, do not block someone's view if it can be avoided. Be cordial. You can certainly walk in front of them, but give them some clearance and be quick!

6. Cell Phone Use

I get we all use our phone for playlists and texting our lovers that we just hit our max deadlift, but lets refrain from loud, distracting conversations at the gym. Like, if you just found out homeboy was cheating on you, take that drama outside. Then yell your ass of because that isn't right. LOL If you talk on the phone loudly, which I've seen happen, even during a training session, this is not the time or place. Give yourself an hour away from your phone to focus on you. Your phone will always be there for you later.

Also, you do need a rest time, but scrolling through Instagram or Facebook for minutes on end can be very irritating for the person waiting to use your machine. Focus. Get your work in. It's better for your results.

What are you guilty of? What are your pet peeves at the gym? Do you see a lot of this going on at your gym?

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